Club Events

"3 Gun"

3 Gun is a club event held twice a month.  Although it would more accurately be called 2 gun (no shotgun).  Our usual course of fire starts with rifle (.22 cal) and can range from an army qualifier to "sniper" events using a projector for targets.  Then it progresses to an action shoot with your carry gun.  Most scenarios are IDPA type drills with typical IDPA scoring.  3 Gun cost $2 to shoot to help pay for targets.   

“ Pick Your Poison” Rifle League

When: 1-21 to 3-3-2015,  Thursday Evenings  7pm.  Postal times available.

Course of fire:   Prone Position

20 shots for record.  Unlimited sighting Shots.  50’, Slings and shooting jackets are optional.

Squadding by infiltration.

Bullseye League

Torrington Pistol team is one of 13 bullseye pistol teams in the Greater Hartford CT area currently participating in the Metropolitan Revolver League of Hartford, Inc. These teams meet for formal NRA-style bullseye pistol matches each week between September and April, culminating in a league award banquet held each May.  Matches are held weekly, mostly on Tuesdays with the occasional Monday and Wednesday.