Club Events

Bullseye League

Torrington Pistol team is one of 13 bullseye pistol teams in the Greater Hartford CT area currently participating in the Metropolitan Revolver League of Hartford, Inc. These teams meet for formal NRA-style bullseye pistol matches each week between September and April, culminating in a league award banquet held each May.  Matches are held weekly, mostly on Tuesdays with the occasional Monday and Wednesday. 


Each weekly match, the members of two competing teams meet and each competitor shoots the standard NRA National Match Course. This consists of 10 rounds fired slow fire in 10 minutes, 10 rounds timed fire shot in two strings of 5 shots each in 20 seconds each, and 10 rounds rapid fire shot in two strings of 5 shots each in 10 seconds each. Standard NRA type B-2 and B-3 targets are used at 50 feet. The targets are scored, and the 5 top scores from each team are added to calculate team scores which decide the outcome of the match.

The matches are shot with 22 caliber pistols fired off-hand. Each competitor must furnish their own pistol and ammunition. Targets and refreshments are provided by the home team. Although the format, as described above, favors semi-automatic pistols, revolvers are also allowed, and there are some shooters who shoot them. Guns may be fitted with non-projecting optical sights or open iron sights.


New shooters, with or without experience, are always welcome to join our team.  Only the scores from the top shooters of each team are used for scoring.  So no pressure is on newer shooters that may not do as well.