Center Axis Relock

CAR is a system designed by the late Paul Castle as an alternative to mainstream firing platforms such as Isosceles and Weaver. CAR is used by most Canadian police academies as a system optimized for close-range encounters and weapon retention. It excels in confined spaces such as vehicles and crowds. As such it has CCW applications and can be a useful add-on skill set.

  I became a CAR instructor years ago through the State Police Academy, under Paul Castle. I wrote an article reviewing the system for SWAT Magazine and have an understanding of CAR enhanced through working with various SWAT teams who had adopted the system. Now that Paul Castle is gone, CAR has changed/evolved into a different system with a different name, of which I have no connection or association. This seminar is designed to give established pistol shooters a basic working knowledge of the legacy CAR system to use as they see fit. As such I consider it a fine add-on and easy improvement to their ‘toolbox’. Contemporary military veterans will understand the CAR positions are considered “compressed-ready” type, and it will soon become apparent that CAR has turned “compressed-ready" into a repeatable and refined system. 

  This seminar will feature overviews, demonstrations, discussions, and live-fire. The class pace will proceed based on individual comfort and safety. Of course, no new skill is mastered in a day, but there are useful take-always and skill drills the shooter can adopt to fill in holes in their CCW tactics and abilities. Normally CAR was taught at a basic level as a three-day course, for SWAT team members. Because we can skip skills that are irrelevant (e.g. gas mask use and entry-team stacking) we can cover CAR essentials in less than a day. 


Ammo required: 200 rounds

Gear required: Pistol with a strong-side belt holster, 3 magazines with a belt pouch, hand-held tactical flashlight, eye & ear protection.

Club members only and must have taken a Specter class previously.

You will need to bring exact cash (no checks) on the day of the event.  No shows are still responsible for the $85.

Event Properties

Event Date 04-18-2020 9:00 am
Event End Date 04-18-2020 4:00 pm
Registration Start Date 01-20-2020
Capacity 8
Registered 8
Available place 0
Individual Price $85.00
Location Torrington Gun Club