Who we are

The Torrington Gun Club provides a safe and comfortable place for its membership to enjoy recreational and competitive indoor shooting. Our members represent a cross-section of society. We are doctors, lawyers, teachers, professionals, business owners, local and state police officers, blue collar workers, moms, dads, and grandparents. We are responsible and law-abiding citizens who believe in our birthright of liberty and freedom, including the right to keep and bear arms.

The Torrington Gun Club's history goes back to 1916 and was then known as the Torrington Rifle Club. In 1936 it was known as the Torrington Fish & Game Association and in 1938 it was reorganized as the Torrington Fish & Game Revolver Club. In 1957 it was incorporated as the Torrington Gun Club and initially shot its matches at the Torrington Police Range in the basement of City Hall. The club built and moved into its own facility on Richards Road (New Hartford) in 1962. Several renovation projects have been undertaken over the years including the new heating & ventilation systems and range improvements in 2000-2001.

Club events including a rifle league, bullseye team and action shoots.

An 8 port, 50 foot indoor range for handgun and .22 cal and air rifle.

Clean and friendly club with members from all walks of life.