Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I become a member?

    All new members must be sponsored by an existing member in good standing with the club.  If you don't know any members, you can email the club with a little information about yourself.  We'll share that info with our current membership to see if someone would be willing to sponsor you .

  • What are the hours of the club?

    You are allowed to use the club between 8am and 10pm.  We are open on weekdays and weekends, holidays included.  There are hours that the club is used for events (bullseye, rifle league, etc) and cleaning.  Any scheduled closings will be listed on the calendar.

  • How many lanes do you have?

    We have 8 lanes. 7 can be used for any caliber we allow in the club. The 8th is for 22 and air rifle only.

  • What's the largest caliber you can shoot at the club?

    You are allowed to shoot any handgun  with a bullet velocity less than 1325 fps.  No rifle with the exception to .22lr.  There are some other restrictions that will be explained when you become a member.  

  • Can I practicing drawing from a holster on the range?

    No.  Under no circumstances may you draw from a holster at the range.

  • How much is membership?

    Membership is $100/year.  Your first year will also have a $10 application fee and an additional one time $100 fee on top of your normal dues.

  • Can I shoot at any distance?

    No.  You are only allowed to have targets between 21' and 50'.

  • Can I shoot lead ammo


  • Can I keep my brass?

    Yes you may take home your own brass