Joining the Club

Everything you need to know about sponsoring/becoming a new member

Thank you for showing interest in our club.  To join the club you need to be sponsored by a current member.  If you don't know anyone, read the information below and if you are still interested in joining, email us with info about yourself.  We'll let the membership know you are interested in joining and someone may be willing to sponsor you but there are no guarantees.  

If you do know someone or are the sponsor, please read the following:

We love to shoot and we love to share that with other like-minded people. So it's natural that you want to share our club with friends and family. And we couldn't agree more. However, we need to keep our club held to a higher standard than most public ranges. Because of that, there is a somewhat lengthy process that new members have to go through.

Remember, by sponsoring a person, you are vouching for them. Their actions will reflect on you.

  • The first thing you have to do is bring the prospective member to the club two (2) times.  Make sure the person you are sponsoring is safe and can come close to passing the shooting test below.  It's not our job to teach someone how to shoot.  Please make sure they are ready before filling out an application.
  • After the second visit, they may fill out an application online.  Before filling out an application, they will need the following: Pistol Permit (if joining the pistol side), NRA membership, sponsor's ID number and password.  Both the password and your ID number were included in your invoice.
  • Once the application is on file and we have a few applications, the applicant will be contacted and plans will be made to meet him/her at the club to shoot in front of a member of our safety committee. Applicant should bring a gun, ammo (15rds), eyes and ears and there $10 application fee (cash or check).  This meeting is usually about a month before the general meeting to get voted in.
  • New members are voted in 3 times a year (March, July and November). The first Monday of those months is the safety meeting. The applicant must attend the safety meeting before being voted in. If they can't for some reason, they need to contact the board ahead of time to discuss options. Once again the applicant should bring a gun, ammo (15 rds), eyes, ears and a target to the safety meeting.
  • The second Monday of those 3 months (March, July and November) are the general meeting where applicants are voted in. They must attend this general meeting. If they can't for some reason, they need to contact the board ahead of time to discuss options. After the vote, new members have to pay a one-time fee of $100 plus prorated yearly dues.  Prorated dues will be $75 for March, $50 for July and $25 for November.
  • Once voted in, the new member must come to shoot at the club five (5) times. These can be with your sponsor, any other member of the club in good standing or club held events. Every time they come, the new member must fill out the checklist sheet also included at the bottom of this page.
  • After they've completed their five (5) visits, the new member can take an online test going over club rules. After passing the test, they contact the board for the final shooting test. A link to the video, demonstrating what is expected, is below. Please make sure the new member can pass this qualifier. If they can't, it's the sponsor's job to help them practice before contacting the board.  
  • If they pass, they will be given a door code and shown how to use it at the time of the test. If they fail, they must retake the test at a later date.

New members are responsible for five (5) hours of service at the club. These hours can be work parties, cleaning the club on Monday nights, or any other help the club might need during the year. They have 1 year from the date of getting voted in to complete these five (5) hours. If not, their door code will be deactivated until the hours are completed.

New members are also not allowed to bring a guest for the first six (6) months of their membership (starting at the date they were voted in). An exception to this is if the new member brings a guest to a club event and someone at that event is willing to sign them in and be responsible for them.

Members are required to have an NRA membership, valid pistol permit (if joining the pistol division of the club) and maintain good moral character.

Applications can be filled out HERE.